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Slings and Lift Sheets

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Choosing the right fabric for Liko slings

It is important to select the right fabric when choosing a sling. Liko slings are produced in different fabrics, each of which has its own special properties and advantages.

The most common choice is the green polyester fabric, which is optimal with regard to wear resistance and durability. The low friction makes it easy to apply and remove.

When it comes to shower and bath situations, we recommend a sling in plastic coated net, which dries quickly and so doesn’t feel cold against the skin.

Plastic coated fabric is used for some lift sheets where a surface that is easy to wipe off and keep clean is called for.

When the sling is to be left in place

The grey net polyester is available in two qualities. They are both airy and suitable when the sling is to be left in place after the patient has been lifted.

Our Solo Material for Disposable Slings

Solo is the name of a family of consumable lifting accessories. The unique thing about several Solo products as compared to our normal lifting accessories is that they are made of an extremely strong, non-woven material. Solo RepoSheet is an exception, made of a cotton/polyester fabric.

Teddy Fabric for the little ones

Many of the smallest sling sizes are intended for children and are made of a teddy-patterned polyester fabric.


Product Overview


From the very beginning consideration for those for whom we develop our products has been our most important guiding-star. Our concept reflects our vision in our daily activity - always to improve life quality for patients and caregivers globally.