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Changing Places with Hill-Rom®

The Changing Places initiative was launched to make independence and daily living as attainable as possible for the disabled community by supporting people who have toilet accessibility issues. There are Changing Places in Northamptonshire and with plans to introduce to sites including Country parks, Leisure centres shopping centres, and the theatre. Hill-Rom® is helping make the design and installation process as straightforward and simple as possible.

Sue Green, Project Manager at Learning Disability Centre helps to explain the benefit of new and improved facilities. “Changing Places are larger than usual disabled toilets which allow access to those who need carer support”. An innovator in the medical technology field, providing medical equipment and medical devices to enhance outcomes for caregivers and their patients, Hill-Rom® now also offers the whole changing places experience covering, hoist, change table, sink, toilet, and functional accessories. All of which support people with more restricted independence, and their carers to attend to any toileting needs with dignity and in a thoughtfully designed environment.

The Changing Places room at the College features a Likorall™ 200 tracked hoist from Hill-Rom® which helps transfer the student effortlessly from their wheelchair to the changing bed. The Likorall™ 200 from Hill-Rom®, with a maximum load capacity of 200kg, uses the same proven, user-friendly and safe technology as the other ceiling lifts in the series but the simple design makes it the most economical lift motor for those with less demanding requirements. Suitable for most lifting situations, the Likorall™ 200 is a safe choice being equipped with Liko™ patented safety drum from Hill-Rom®, electrical emergency lowering, emergency stop and other protective mechanisms making it the perfect choice to fulfil the needs of Chesham Community College.

Roger Humphrey, the Head of the School for Essential Skills at Chesham College commented, “The College got involved with Changing Places after a phone call asking if we would be able to accept students with more challenging disabilities. We also felt it was important to inform people in the community of Changing Places, so they know we have full access facilities which they can use if out and about”.

In addition to the changing room, Chesham Community College has Liko™ tracking hoists from Hill-Rom® in the general activity and sensory rooms where they have also made a tremendous difference to everyone involved. One of the biggest differences the Liko™ hoists have made is when there are three or more wheelchair users in one space trying to look at different equipment. Now thanks to the tracking system, manoeuvrability is much easier.

Lorrainne Gent, Course Tutor for Living and Learning remarked at the benefit of the hoist. “The staff and students love the Liko™ products, we were previously using manual hoists, and there were always issues with regards to space and moving and handling. The Liko™ tracking and hoists from Hill-Rom® are simply brilliant while our contact at Hill-Rom® is always available to offer on-site training or answer queries – we would certainly recommend Liko™ products to other Colleges.”

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From the very beginning, consideration for those for whom we develop our products has been our most important guiding star. Our vision, to always improve quality of life for patients and caregivers, is reflected in our daily activities.