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Electric Profiling Beds

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Affinity IV Birthing Bed

Affinity IV
The Revolutionary Birthing Bed

Our birthing bed is the perfect combination of safety and ease-of-use.

In labour and delivery, every second counts. You must be able to respond quickly and easily, especially in an emergency. The Affinity® 4 birthing bed delivers on the promise of a safe, sleek birthing bed that functions in the busiest environment with ease.
With the Affinity® 4 birthing bed, we have made dozens of quality improvements, large and small, from dual-locking castors to stronger calf supports.

No more searching for a power source. Battery backup allows the bed features to be used even when you’re away from an outlet.

The Affinity® 4 bed is designed to make every movement fast and easy


Less time, less hassle
In labour and delivery, staff time is at a premium.No one can spare even a few minutes to search for equipment, look for an outlet, or use complicated controls.
The Affinity® 4 bed is designed to reduce the hasslesyou face every day.

  • With battery back-up, you can use all the bed’s features, including changing height and position, when you’re away from an outlet, reducing the time from “decision to incision” in critical situations.
  • The gas-assist Trend mechanism allows head elevation to immediately lower to 8 degrees.
  • OneStep® side rail release provides zero transfer gap for safer and easier patient transfers.
  • The bed’s streamlined design, with all the equipment stored completely within the perimeter (instead of protruding out), protects you as you move quickly around your patient.
  • The Affinity® 4 bed is designed to reduce the hasslesyou face every day.

Safety and convenience
We have designed every detail of the Affinity® 4 birthing bed to help make the birthing experience safer for you and your patient.

  • The foot section locks firmly and easilyin position.
  • EasyGlide® calf supports swing into the correct position and lock with a single lever, staying firmly in place.
  • A robust Trend mechanism, with improved springs and seals, makes lowering and liftingan easy, one-person job.
  • Inflatable air pillows in back and seat decrease the need to reposition the patient for delivery.
  • Four dual-lock castors keep the bed in place.
  • The thicker, pressure-reducing Comfortline® foam mattress provides extra support, especially in the vulnerable seat area.

Product Overview


From the very beginning, consideration for those for whom we develop our products has been our most important guiding star. Our vision, to always improve quality of life for patients and caregivers, is reflected in our daily activities.