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AvantGuard 1200 Acute Bed

AvantGuard 1200 Acute Ergonomic and Safe Caregiver Environment

AvantGuard™ 1200, Hill-Rom’s most successful acute care bed, is designed to help you provide safe patient mobilisation to encourage early rehabilitation and discharge from hospital.

AvantGuard™ 1200 is a valuable support to daily nursing activities, helping reduce demands on caregivers and promoting a safer working environment.

Its TotalGuard™ side-rails provide maximum patient coverage when the sleep deck is flat and articulate to follow the movements of the bed as the patient’s position changes. TotalGuard™ side-rails are automatically adjustable in one single action to accommodate a wide variety of mattresses.


Hill-Rom has long been a leader in developing products designed to improve patient safety and reduce the risks of patient entrapment and falls. As a member of the Hospital Bed Safety Workgroup (HBSW), Hill-Rom is instrumental in producing new guidelines on reducing entrapment risks between the rail, mattress, bed platform and any accessories. These safety improvements have been incorporated into the design of the AvantGuard 1200 to meet the very latest regulatory requirements.

The AvantGuard™ 1200 is equipped with two safety alarms.
An audible brake-off alarm immediately alerts staff if the brake is not engaged allowing patients to mobilise more safely to and from the bed. A light on the bed control pendant gives a visual indication to staff if the bed is not in its lowest position.

Additional features
The AvantGuard™ 1200 has a wealth of additional features and options including the Mobibar™ egress handles to provide support to patients getting in and out of bed, 5 th wheel for improved manoeuvrability, a one-touch EasyChair™, and hi-lo pedal for convenient hands free height adjustment only operable by pressing the enable key to remove the risk of accidental activation. Its intuitive and flexible bed controls allow patients to reposition themselves independently reducing caregiver tasks. The bed also combines with Hill-Rom’s unrivalled range of pressure relieving mattresses to promote maximum comfort, pressure relief and wound healing. The smooth surfaces of the bed and removable panels allow easy cleaning and decontamination.

Developed after extensive market research across Europe, the AvantGuard™ 1200 offers a bed platform with advanced ergonomic features in response to a number of risk management issues; patient safety, recovery and well-being, reduced risk to caregivers and ease of maintenance.


From the very beginning, consideration for those for whom we develop our products has been our most important guiding star. Our vision, to always improve quality of life for patients and caregivers, is reflected in our daily activities.