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Clinitron Uplift Air Fluidised therapy

Clinitron Uplift
Air Fluidised Therapy

Air Fluidised Therapy assists in improving wound outcomes and the management of the traumatised patient providing superior comfort with accelerated healing of wounds and skin disorders.

Independent clinical research has consistently demonstrated significant improvements in wound healing rates with a consequent reduction in patient length of stay in Hospital.

Results have also demonstrated financial benefits through reduced patient length of stay and treatment costs.

The latest product developments incorporate a range of unique features designed to optimise the management of the highly dependent patient including, precise weight monitoring and thermo-regulation contributing to reduced stress in the hypercatabolic patient, lowered mortality and improved patient outcomes.


Superior pressure relief
The warm, fluidised medium enables the patient to float at very low pressures, reduces the risk of maceration and virtually eliminates shear and friction to provide the optimum environment for wound healing. Suitable for very high risk patients especially those with multiple pressure ulcers, flaps, grafts, burns or management of extensive skin disorders

Controllable environment
The patient microclimate can be controlled to aid thermoregulation. A combination of the low pressure support, reduced patient handling and warm environment reduces stress, improves pain control, comfort and sleep patterns.

Unique patient management system
The system can be defluidised at the touch of a button to aid nursing procedures or to facilitate emergency procedures. The hand control pendant allows the patient greater physical and psychological independence by facilitating position changes without nursing intervention.

Clinitron Uplift


From the very beginning, consideration for those for whom we develop our products has been our most important guiding star. Our vision, to always improve quality of life for patients and caregivers, is reflected in our daily activities.