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Electric Profiling Beds

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Evolution Community Bed

Evolution Community
Reduces Demands on Caregivers

The Evolution Community bed is a perfect solution to many of the challenges faced by caregivers in the management of patients in the primary or long term care settings.

Designed to improve patient independence and reduce the risk of back injury to caregivers associated with moving and handling, the Evolution Community bed benefits from several features which reduce demands on caregivers.


Patient/Caregiver pendant control
An increase in patient independence and comfort is achieved through the use of a simple hand pendant which operates the electric functions. Push button operation makes the controls easy to use for both caregivers and patients, and enables changes in patient positioning to be achieved without effort.

3 section profiling design
The backrest section is longer to minimise sheer and fraction forces. Backrest angle to 75º, knee-gatch to 35º and manual leg adjustment to maximise patient comfort.

Full length side-rails
Detachable, full length side-rails are included in the price for greater patient safety.

Low bed height
Height range 40cm-80cm, protects patients as they mobilise in and out of the bed. In addition there is 15cm hoist clearance underneath the bed frame.

Easily assembled
The bed is delivered in four main sections for assembly within minutes.

Additional features:
Attractive wooden laminate head and footboards, monkey pole included, trendelenburg, ventilated sleep deck for easy cleaning.

20cm bed extender, padded side-rail covers, head and footboard covers

From the very beginning, consideration for those for whom we develop our products has been our most important guiding star. Our vision, to always improve quality of life for patients and caregivers, is reflected in our daily activities.