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Electric Profiling Beds

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ProAxis Plus Bed

ProAxis Plus
Advanced Support and Positioning

Provides advanced support and positioning to aid in the management of the obese patient.

The ProAxis® Plus Bed offers a combination of key features to aid in the complex management of the obese patient. The ergonomically designed frame with a wider sleep deck, advanced chair position and 30cm low height promotes patient mobility and greater independence.

At the same time the Thermo countour® mattress provides pressure reduction to aid in the prevention of pressure ulcers in this vulnerable group of patients.


Increasing patient safety and independence
The ProAxis® Plus bed offers a safe environment for the obese patient whilst allowing for improved independence.

A low height position of only 30cm combined with a 1-button preset patient entry position reduces the risks related to patient mobilisation and promotes independence.

Advanced cardiac chair provides the ideal position to enhance respiratory mechanics and improve the psychological status of the patient thereby effectively accelerating patient recovery.

Ergonomic design reduces risk of caregiver injury
The ProAxis® Plus bed has been designed to reduce the frequency and effort required to reposition the obese patient, reducing the risk of injury to the caregiver.

Advanced frame articulation helps maintain the body's position during movement, reducing the need to reposition patients, whilst the wider sleep deck offers the space required to reposition patients for care procedures when required.

Emergency positions can be achieved quickly and safely if required — CPR, electric Trendelenburg / reverse Trendelenburg and a pre-set flat position are all available for instant care.

Weight Indicator System
The ProAxis® Plus offers an indication of patients' weight — this system will allow caregivers to make informed choices regarding equipment usage and rehabilitation programmes.

Effective pressure ulcer prevention
The Thermo contour® surface allows the caregiver to help prevent pressure ulcers for patients up to high risk of pressure damage.

The Thermo contour® surface is a visco elastic foam mattress. Its temperature-sensitive foam softens and conforms to the patient creating a mould that will contour the body in any position. Contact pressures are redistributed, allowing excellent pressure reduction and comfort.

Obesity rising to epidemic proportions

The prevalence of obesity has increased dramatically over the past 20 years¹ in the majority of developed countries and is now described as an epidemic².

The growing impact of obesity has led the United Nations Health Agency to launch a global campaign against this growing problem. The rising prevalence in children³ suggests that this issue will remain a major challenge to healthcare facilities for the foreseeable future.

The socio-economic consequences are significant with 2-8% of health care budgets now absorbed by obesity-related conditions².

Obese patients present complicated clinical challenges to the multidisciplinary team, which include hypertension, type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, risk management, respiratory issues and certain types of cancer².

As the number of obese people grows the number of hospital admissions inevitably will rise and healthcare facilities will be challenged to provide a safe working environment for the multidisciplinary team caring for this vulnerable group of patients whilst offering safety and dignity to the patient.


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2. Obesity in Europe : The Case for Action. International Obesity Taskforce and European Association for the Study of Obesity. September 2002

3. Waiting for a green line for health? Europe at a crossroads for diet and disease. Rigby N., et al. International Obesity Taskforce Position Paper September 2003.


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