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Electric Profiling Beds

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TotalCare Bariatric Plus

TotalCare Bariatric Plus
Therapy System

TotalCare™ Bariatric Plus therapy system combines all the best features of the TotalCare™ Bed System plus special benefits needed to manage your bariatric patients in a safe, efficient and dignified manner from the General Ward to the Intensive Care environment.

This widely known, appreciated and award winning solution has proved its qualities on the largest bariatric market in the world, the United States, and is now available for both rental and capital purchase in the International markets.

Enhancing outcomes for bariatric patients

The correlation between extended immobility and neuromuscular deconditioning has been shown in various studies on ICU patients in general (ref. 1, 2). Leaving all other obesity related complications aside, it seems obvious that any kind of muscular deconditioning must have exponential impact on the weight bearing abilities of bariatric patients.

Patient weight and BMI

Despite all spectacular media reports about patients with 300 kg and more, those numbers are  - although real – the exception. In 2004, the proportion of patients with a weight of more than 230 kg was published to be at 0,1% (ref. 3). There is no specific weight range correlated to the term “bariatric”. Bariatric means being obese and requiring medical treatment. Did you know that even at a height of 180cm, a patient reaches the WHO classification “Super Obesity” (BMI > 50) without exceeding a weight of 170 Kg?
Patient weight and BMI do not tell the whole story about the challenges coming with obesity. The “waist-to-hip” ratio is another important factor for treatment and care of obese patients.

Width vs. Weight – or the essence of what’s required

Talking to our customers, we learned that it is mostly the width of bed which is the limiting factor for bariatric patient care. Secondly, they need more than a high safe working load of a bed when it comes to early mobility. The basic need is to have the right process improvement tools which deliver the functionality to prevent immobility related complications such as VAP, pressure ulcers and neuromuscular deconditioning. On top of that, the products ability to ease Progressive Mobility™ is the key to ensure efficiency at the point of care – even more so than it is for normal weight patients.


Product Overview

Enhancing patient outcomes

Our Safe Skin™, No Falls™, Clear Lungs™ and Safe Backs themes are used to focus our product development process and the evolution of our programs and educations, to support and enhance outcomes in health care around the world. Click on the pictures below to read more.

No Falls Clear Lungs Safe Backs Safe Skin



1. Needham D, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; JAMA 10/2008
2. Schweickert WD, Hall J. ICU acquired weakness; Chest 2007 
3. International Obesity Task Force (IOTF), May 2004


From the very beginning, consideration for those for whom we develop our products has been our most important guiding star. Our vision, to always improve quality of life for patients and caregivers, is reflected in our daily activities.