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Electric Profiling Beds

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TotalCare Duo2 Therapy System

TotalCare Connect Duo2
The Complications of Immobility

TotalCare Connect Duo2 Therapy System is suitable for patients with or at risk of skin damage including burns, pressure sores, plastic surgery and many other conditions.

Complications of immobility such as nosocomial pneumonia are amongst the most commonly acquired infections in critical care¹ with statistics showing affected patients have higher morbidity and mortality rates¹.

However, the effects reach far beyond the patient, increasing caregiver workload with higher dependency rates, and exacerbating the financial burden on the hospital as the costs of caring for the patient rise with length of stay in both the critical care department and the hospital increasing.¹

TotalCare® Duo® 2 Therapy System - New for TotalCare® Connect.

With this latest version of the TotalCare® Bed Hill-Rom have developed the most easy to use caregiver interface – a colour touch screen interface with improved graphical representation of key data. In one survey 90% of caregivers could immediately use the interface without additional training. In addition within the recording of data Hill-Rom have, at the request of our customers, enhanced the data collection by including the FullChair information and by providing a choice of settings for popular head of bed alarm.

Progressive Mobility™ Therapy programmes

The TotalCare® Connect family of products are the only specialised support systems available to day which can offer important mobilisation therapies necessary to assist your patient through increasing levels of mobility from Continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy to assisting them to standing:

  • Continuous Lateral Rotation Therapy
  • Preliminary tilt table
  • Sitting upright – from supine through 30° head of bed elevation to FullChair® position
  • Chair Egress™ position

Read more about Progressive Mobility™ Therapy programmes »  


TotalCare Connect Duo2


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From the very beginning, consideration for those for whom we develop our products has been our most important guiding star. Our vision, to always improve quality of life for patients and caregivers, is reflected in our daily activities.