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Liko Slings and Lift Sheets

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HygieneSling model 40/41/45/46

Lifting and transferring patients to and from the toilet can be a difficult task for caregivers. Liko HygieneSling is easy to apply in the wheelchair and enables the lifting to be done quickly, smoothly and securely.

Liko HygieneSling has a large opening around the seat that facilitates dressing and undressing during the actual lifting operation. The HygieneSling works just as well for patients wearing long trousers as it does for those wearing skirts and pantyhose. The HygieneSling is easy to apply, even in tight-fitting wheelchairs.

A certain degree of stability is necessary for the patient to sit comfortably in the sling; this applies especially to the models 40 and 41.

Liko HygieneSling is recommended especially for

• Lifting in connection with hygiene/visits to the toilet
• Patients with good muscle tone
• Need for a sling that is easy to apply and remove

Available in Four Different Models

Liko HygieneSling is available in four different models. Model 40 is the simplest design, fitting patients with good muscle tone and good stability.

Model 41 has an additional buckle-equipped belt which, in combination with the position of the arms on the outside of the sling, gives both patient and caregiver extra security. The application is also perceived as quicker than with models 45/46, which have SafetyBelts.

For patients with poor muscle tone, we recommend the HygieneSling with SafetyBelt and extra back support, model 46. The SafetyBelt on models 45 and 46 lifts around the upper body, distributing the pressure, and provides extra support during the lifting operation for those who tend to slide down in the sling. Model 45 lacks the extra comfortable back support of model 46.

Find the right Liko HygieneSling Model


Mod 40

Mod 41

Mod 45

Mod 46

For toilet visits, undressing possible during the lift





Belt with buckle


Safety belt



Extra back support


Available in Teddy design for children



For patients with good stability



The user can hold one arm inside the sling




Liko HygieneSling is made from green polyester fabric. The leg supports are reinforced and lined with soft corduroy fabric, which enhances comfort and prevents slipping. Liko HygieneSling mod. 41 is also available as Teddy HygieneSling in our own teddy-patterned soft polyester fabric, size XS for children.

Before lifting, keep the following points in mind:

A patient with poor muscle tone should choose model 46, which has a SafetyBelt and extra back support.

A smaller size enables patients with poor muscle tone to sit with better balance.
More information can be found in the Instruction Guide.


As an alternative to the HygieneSling and for lifting to/from the toilet, we recommend one of the following:

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  • HygieneSling mod 45 polyester, with Universal SlingBar 450

  • You don’t have Flash player installed, you can download it directly from

  • HygieneSling mod 46 polyester, with Universal SlingBar 450



From the very beginning, consideration for those for whom we develop our products has been our most important guiding star. Our vision, to always improve quality of life for patients and caregivers, is reflected in our daily activities.