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Procedural Stretcher

Procedural Stretcher
Mobility, Comfort and Quality

Hill-Rom’s rugged Procedural Stretcher (P8000) is the ideal choice for emergency, operating rooms or outpatient settings.

This stretcher offers outstanding mobility, comfort and quality.

An optional Active Hand Brake reduces strain of going down ramps and sudden stops. Our integrated IV pole transport device option helps you to manoeuvre the stretcher and portable IV pole stands with ease. The next generation Steering Plus™ system allows crisp cornering and control.

Reduce patient-handling risk and enhance you and your patient’s comfort. The BackSaver Fowler™ feature provides you with easier articulation of the head section. Combine it with the AutoContour™ feature to minimise repositioning of patients.

Our reinforced frames are made of heavy-gauge, automotive-grade steel for long-lasting quality — and a 317.5kgs/700 lbs. weight capacity to handle higher patient weights. Nickel-plated push handles, IV poles, siderails and other components offer superior rust resistance, even in harsh environments.

Main Features Stretchers

317.5kgs/700 lb capacity:
An industry first. Hill-Rom is the only company to offer a 317.5kgs/700-pound weight capacity for all of its stretchers. No need to search for a stretcher which can handle the weight — they all do.

Auto Contour™ Feature:
An industry first. The Auto Contour Feature allows automatic raising of the knee section as the fowler is raised. This helps minimise patients slipping down the mattress and minimises patient repositioning.

BackSaver Fowler™ Feature:
This feature uses the patient's own weight to help you raise and lower the head section easily and comfortably.

Low Height:
Our Procedural Stretcher has the lowest height in the industry to assist patients to ingress and egress the stretcher (20.7", 52.5cm).

Active Hand Brake:
An industry first. Similar to bicycle brakes, the Active Hand Brake assists managing the stretcher down ramps and around corners helping to promote proper body ergonomics.

Integrated IV Stand Transport Device:
An industry first. Push handles with a device to "nest" an IV stand to help promote proper ergonomics when using the stretcher with and IV stand.

4-wheel dual locking brakes with integrated steel teeth promote a strong, stable platform.


From the very beginning, consideration for those for whom we develop our products has been our most important guiding star. Our vision, to always improve quality of life for patients and caregivers, is reflected in our daily activities.